Sartec Partners Project Management Process

Plan your work. Work your plan.

At Sartec Partners, we like to plan our work and work our plan. In small business, you need just enough planning to get the job done correctly without overloading everyone in paperwork. For more complex projects, we’re happy to execute through formal project management documentations, presentations, and rituals.

We rely on the following steps:

  1. We meet with you to identify your needs
  2. We craft a work plan that meets your needs and schedule constraints
  3. We’ll review the plan, identify checkpoints, and start to work on your command.
  4. At each checkpoint, we will review our progress, make adjustments to the plan if needed, and march to success.

Whether you are moving your office, refreshing your technology, adding the cloud to existing on-premise computing, or performing any type of project, Sartec Partners has a process to manage the work so we can finish your project on time and within budget.